IoTixLab is a startup company focused on IoT (Internet of Things) based automation solutions. Our mission is to automate all possible manual processes in textile, agriculture or any kind of industries to increase productivity and efficiency by providing cutting-edge technology. We emphasize on eco friendly technologies that will help to improve the environment through energy efficiency and reduction of harmful waste.

Innovative Solution

The core concept of our problem solving revolves around innovative solution. We set a high standard and continuously striving for better.

Eco Friendly

We do not cause harm to environment in disguise of new technology. Rather we are working to improve it. Before designing any solution, we always pick the best possible option to reduce the harmful impact.

Quality First

Quality comes first in our all products or services. We understand how a low quality product/service can hurt your business and our goodwill. We strive for offering the best solution while satisfying customer expectations.

High Security

We always provide the highest level of digital privacy. We take necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to databases or applications. Also we provide military grade encryption to protect your valuable data.

Our Services

Our main focus is to automate processes using IoT based solution. We build custom data logger, embedded systems or automate existing systems using different kind of sensors or devices. We also provide cloud based platform to collect device’s data, visualize on real time and analysis for insights. Currently we are working on the following sectors but we are always ready to adopt new potential sector.

Hydromet Service

IoTixLab provides all kinds of water, air and weather related monitoring solutions along with real time data recording and visualization. We have developed a range of devices for that purpose like ground water level monitor, water quality monitor, air quality monitor, flood level monitor, weather station, soil quality monitor etc. Our products are of the best quality at the most competitive price. Apart from devices we also provide R&D support, installation and maintenance services. Learn More

Advanced Farming

Food adulteration along with excessive use of insecticides and chemicals and scarcity of land have motivated us to think about advanced farming in Bangladesh. We have introduced automation by integrating advanced sensors on soil quality and water quality. This will help optimize fertilizer and water usage while maximizing crop yield per unit area. Also our focus is to decentralize farming so that everybody gets it fresh.

Industrial Automation

We are currently focusing on warehouse and logistics side of industrial automation. We have studied and found its importance relating to our growing industries and economy. Our industrial automation products are i) Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems ii) Automated Guided Vehicle.

Custom Automation

Automation is the core objective of IoTixLab. We can provide any custom automation at your need either large scale or small scale. If you need any automation in your current production line or you have an idea, we are ready to provide the technical solution. Please contact us at

Weather & Air Quality Monitoring Station

The IoT enabled Weather & Air Quality Station is developed by IoTixLab to monitor outdoor air pollutants and meteorological parameters online. It can measure Ozone(O3), Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Particulate matter PM2.5, PM10 and PM100, also the Noise and Meteorological parameters (Air Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Barometric pressure). This can be easily installed in remote geographical areas to monitor the weather conditions in real time from any mobile, tab or desktop. Learn More

Secured data communication & storage

Quick technical support & maintenance

Up to 10 years local memory support

Self-powered using solar panel

Real Time Data Visualization

Real Time Alert (SMS/Email)

Sustainable solution

Warehouse Automation

Dust Management in cities

Monitoring specific particles

Air quality index measurement

Brick Kilns Emission Management

Measure Roadside Vehicle Emission

Park / forest environmental monitoring

Calculate atmospheric dispersion model


In our Hydromet service, we have designed BuoyInt (Buoy + Intelligent) which is a river or other surface water quality monitoring system. All relevant sensors and datalogger are housed inside the Buoy, then data are sent to server through a GSM network by predefined time intervals. We also provide a user friendly data visualization tool to see those data in real time. The parameters include but are not limited to pH, Dissolved Oxygen(DO), Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids(TSS), Total Dissolved Solids(TDS), Electrical Conductivity(EC), Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD), Chloride(Cl), Salinity, etc. Learn More

Self Powered With Solar



Minimum Maintenance

Easy to Deploy


Custom Sensors

Real Time Data Visualization

Real Time Alert

Our Clients

Our current clients and it's increasing day by day.